1.  The Institution Of This Church:

This Church fellowship came about because of the attrition of Historic Biblical Christianity.

And was formed by committed born-again believers who were convinced that the Churches they were involved in had significantly moved away from the authority of God’s Word, and so in all conscience could no longer faithfully serve God in accordance with what the Bible teaches.
We have therefore adopted the reformation logo of ‘Sola Scriptura’.

2.  The Purpose Of The Church:

The Rock Of Ages Evangelical Church seeks to promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ and was formed to be faithful to the Christian Faith in accordance with what the Bible teaches.

To offer instruction via Preaching and Teaching, fellowship, and pastoral care, with the aim that those who seek membership may mature in the faith.
In obedience to Christ’s command we seek to make disciples of people from all nations and walks of life that they may be saved to eternal life. To love one another as Christ loved us, no matter what our skin colour or nationality. To offer practical help to any in need where possible.
To encourage children and teenagers in the Church and community to learn about the Christian faith, and to provide a safe environment for them to have safe enjoyable meetings, sports, pastimes and outings.
This Church accepts the Holy Bible as its only authority regarding all matters of Christian faith and practice.

3.  The Doctrines of the Church:   
We adhere to the Doctrinal Basis of  the FIEC (Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches). Click HERE  to read the full statement. For a fuller understanding of what we believe, please refer to our 'Doctrinal Statement' page in the menu bar.