Church Membership



i.    Members of this Church shall first and foremost profess faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, that He is the Messiah Christ ‘Son of God’ ‘Emmanuel’ God with us; God in the fleshmade man; Supreme Head of the Church.

ii.   Shall be baptized as commanded by Christ Himself, and under obligation to attend the assemblies regularly, where they will also partake of the Bread and Wine in remembrance of, and commanded by Christ.

iii.  Will contribute cheerfully, willingly and consistently by giving financially as the Lord has prospered them, thereby supporting the work of this their local Church.

iv.  Will pray for and where possible help in the work of the Church.

v.   Will maintain the spirit of Christian love, fellowship and unity amongst the brethren, not speaking unkindly about the brethren.

vi.  Will gladly submit to the teaching and Godly leadership in the Church.

All this with the help of God.